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Ledon Human Resources CC
Human Resource Consulting
Executive HR Consulting
An organisation is as good as the people it employs. It is the people within an organisation that ensures organisational goal
accomplished and prosperity. 

Ledon, together with the client, identifies specific needs, develops an action plan, and assists with the implementation thereof to
address the organisation’s strategic goals.

Our competent team has the passion and drive to approach your human resource requirements from a holistic point of view to ensure effective organisational development and behaviour.

Our services include:
Key Focus Areas

Employment Equity
Assistance with Employment Equity Reports, Employment Equity Plans and consultation on equity best practices.
Strategic Planning
Ledon can facilitate strategic session to guide departmental and divisional heads in facilitating strategic planning within their department. A workbook manual is also available for organisational strategic planning.

Labour Relations
Our services include guidelines in labour and employment related matters, labour laws, employment contracts, labour disputes, unfair dismissal, retrenchment, CCMA conciliation, arbitration, and strike action.
Job Analysis, Job Design and Job Descriptions
Development of job profiles and alignment to the Organized Framework for Occupations (OFO).
Outsourcing: Human Resource Functions
Talent management and development including job descriptions, employment contracts, induction, coaching, performance appraisals, career development and workplace issues and queries.
Employee Induction and Motivation
Employee induction programme design, facilitation and coaching to ensure efficient turnaround of new employees.
Policies and procedures development
Design, develop and facilitate relevant human resources policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all work laws and regulations in the workplace.
Performance Management and Appraisals
Design and implement systems for organisations to evaluate and manage both the behavior and outcomes in the workplace.  Ledon can also assist with any employee relations and promotion issues. 
Human Resource Audits
Plan and conduct human resource functions according to best practice and to meet your strategic objectives.
Health and Safety
Consultation, evaluation and compliance with the Health and Safety Act, Employee Assistance Programmes, HIV and AIDS in the workplace, stress and burnout programmes.

Change management
The enormity of change that business and governments are facing today, make it difficult to keep everyone and everything moving ahead together. Ledon can assist organisations and individuals adjust to change
Executive Coaching
The focus is towards organisational development and goal accomplishment through individual growth and transformation.   Our services also include organisational structuring and grading systems.
Psychometric assessment
Assessing personality, interest and ability to ensure a good individual and job match. We conduct the assessment, provide feedback and report on findings as well as coaching session.
Skills Development
Guidance on the designing and implementation of skills development plans and completion of annual training reports.
Recruitment and Selection
Assistance with recruiting the most appropriate candidates and conduct psychometric assessments. Registered assessments and Psychometrist available.
Skills Facilitation
We provide skills training Office support, leaderships, management, soft skills and assistance with learnership facilitation.
Design and develop courseware
Design and develop courseware in accordance with SAQA (South Africa Qualifications Authority) and QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) requirements.
Payroll services
Ledon can offer organisations specialised payroll consulting including remuneration, compensation and employee benefit structure services.
Registration of companies
We can assist organisations and start-ups with the process and an obtainment of UIF, Vat and Tax Registration.
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