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ETD Consulting Services
In standing with our values of providing solution driven, innovative and cost effective solutions, Ledon provides Education, Training and Development (ETD) consulting services to individuals and organisations a like. Our services include:

Whether you need assistance in obtaining accreditation, implementing a quality management system or addressing ETQA requirements, Ledon is there to help you along the way.

Ledon CC can design your Education, Training and Development (ETD) quality management system (QMS) and establish it within your organisation. A QMS is a documented set of policies and procedures that provide assurance in the quality of education and training practices.

Included in your QMS package
  • Staffing and recruitment policy
  • Training committee policy
  • Evaluation and Review policies
  • Procurement policy
  • ETD QMS policy
  • Learning programme policy
  • Learnership and skills programme policy
  • Assessment and moderation policy
  • Learner policy
  • ETD Staff policy
  • ETD administration policy
  • Financial administration policy
  • Language policy
  • Management of off-site location policy
  • Conference venue checklist
  • Design and develop learning material templates
  • QMS Review meetings and minutes templates
  • Service legal agreement with freelancers and associates
  • Logistic documents for training interventions
  • Template for certificates
  • Templates for registration forms and attendance registers
  • Templates for name tickets and feedback forms
The final package includes
  • ETD quality management policy manual
  • Templates and checklists
  • Electronic disk with all documents
  • Master file with printed copies of all documents

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Ledon can submit and manage your application for Assessor and Moderator Accreditation with your relevant SETA or ETQA. This service is available to all individuals who successfully completed an Assessor or Moderator course.

Registration Requirements
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Unit standards or qualifications you want to register for
  • Certified copy of Identification Document (ID)
  • Certified copies of Assessor/Moderator certificate or results
  • Certified copies of all qualifications or courses
  • Contact and registration details of your ETD activities

We can develop customized courseware to address your specific workplace needs. Alternatively view our library for off-the shelve products available for purchase.
Customized courseware packages include
  • Curriculum and programme strategy
  • Learner Manual
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Assessment Guide
  • Assessment instruments and tools
  • Alignment matrix
  • Electronic disk with all material
  • Master file with printed copies of all documents
Subject matter experts are utilised if required to write
your specific material
What are the costs involved?
  • R 12, 000 per unit standard development
  • Terms and conditions apply
For customised programmes, a full quotation will be done based on your specific qualifications and requirements.
Summary of Provider Accreditation
The regulations that apply to the Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) bodies under the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) require that providers of education and training apply for accreditation to an ETQA.

To be accredited, providers of education and training are required to be registered in terms of the applicable legislation.Ledon submits and manages the above process for organisations. We take care of the hassles for you!
Application Requirements
  • Registered assessors and moderators
  • Course material aligned to SAQA and Seta requirements
  • Education, training and development quality management system
Ledon can also assist in the preparation of
the above requirements.
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