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Women Empowerment
Empowering the Woman of Today
In celebration of the Women of South Africa, we proudly present this life skills training course especially designed for women from all walks of life. The event will focus on the uniqueness of each women and the potential locked within.

Ledon respects and nourishes the uniqueness of each women and their potential locked within and believes each person has a right to be self-directing and autonomous. We believe that this can be most easily achieved through awareness of oneself - through Self Knowledge.
A fun and insightful course.
Event outcomes:
Women Empowerment
  • Knowledge and understanding of oneself as an unique individual
  • Better understanding of oneself in different environments
  • Strategies to deal with life situations
  • Strategic plan for yourself
  • A strong foundation for success
You will leave the course inspired and motivated.
A wonderful network opportunity for all women.
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